Best Dependency Injection Framework to Choose when Working on iOS apps?

Best Dependency Injection Framework to Choose when Working on iOS apps?

James Shore describe the concept of Dependency Injection as

“Dependency Injection” is a 25-dollar term for a 5-cent concept. […] Dependency injection means giving an object its instance variables. […].

There are multiple DI framework available for IOS and based on the needs we choose the best suitable framework, we cover some stats and features provided by some famous DI frameworks so it can be helpful for someone while choosing a best suitable solution.

Frameworks Last Updated Link Cocoapod Link Support Swift Support Object Total Downloads
Typhoon Feb 2017 Yes Yes 1,370,144
Objection Jul 2015 No Yes 622,893
DIP April 2017 Yes No 79,257
Reliant Jun 2016 No Yes 16,360
Blood Magic Dec 2014 No Yes 12,182


As we can see that there are frameworks which are not being updated by their developers with the latest changes being made in iOS, so those frameworks might create problems while you are creating new applications, also not every framework supports swift (most application are now written in swift) so we have to be very careful while choosing any specific framework.

Typhoon seems to be attracting the most of the developers and I personally found it really good, they also have very good support, when I asked question on their github page, they responded within an hour which was really great. Also they provided a variety of feature set which can be utilized based on the requirements.


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