7 Reasons Why BigCommerce is the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution

7 Reasons Why BigCommerce is the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution

BigCommerce platform is one of the most widely used ecommerce solutions across the globe. The in-build features and ease of use makes it emerge as the best ecommerce platform available.

From reliable hosting and security for your store to advanced marketing tools, it offers its users a complete set of features to build, enhance and maintain an online  ecommerce store. It is a preferred choice for many because of the back-end support it provides, coupled with the availability of attractive templates. Read on to find out why this platform is one of the best ecommerce solutions out there:

Product and Customer Management

BigCommerce platform offers an easy interface for product management and returns. It comes equipped with features such as filtering, brands, categories and reviews. Specifying essential details of the products and editing information such as product multimedia, inventory tracking and pricing rates is really easy. There are other product features available to manage products such as “Quick Search” bar.

Moreover, you can easily manage your customers on this platform. Your customers can create their accounts and you can create customer groups to develop user-oriented experiences. This leads to the feature that gives BigCommerce an edge over other ecommerce solutions – the abandoned carts feature. This feature allows you to send three automated reminder emails to visitors who did not go through the final purchase.

Built-in Marketing & Analytics

BigCommerce platform is packed with analytics and marketing tools. Where other ecommerce solutions require you to integrate an add-on for your different marketing initiatives, BigCommerce offers many, out of the box. BigCommerce allows you to sell gift vouchers, create coupon codes, offer cart-level discounts, and more importantly it enables you to launch a full email marketing campaign.

You can also improve your marketing efforts and sales over time with the analytics section of the platform. It provides you with useful data regarding your store’s conversion rates, orders, revenue and performance benchmarks.

Search Engine Friendly

Implementing best SEO practices is important for any ecommerce store to grow as it helps you become more competitive. BigCommerce follows the most up-to-date SEO practices. It offers SEO configurations such as auto-optimized titles and URLs for your pages. Moreover, each page has an SEO box to add information manually.

It also offers site-wide SSL certificate that can help gain Google’s trust. Furthermore, It also offers search engine friendly tools that can easily boost your search engine ranking. Some of their built-in SEO features are Google’s Rich Snippet, Canonical tag and Google AMP.

BigCommerce Themes & Mobile Templates

BigCommerce platform offers free and premium themes that are all responsive, covering over 10 plus categories. BigCommerce offers free lifetime updates for all their professional themes. You can also benefit from the BigCommerce marketplace, that offers third party applications, both paid and free.

Customer 24/7 BigCommerce Support

With shorter wait times and dedicated expert support, BigCommerce provides you with best customer support. The store owners have access to 24/7 support, with express routing for the enterprise customers.  Moreover, it also offers coaching & instruction for businesses of all sizes.

Shipping Providers and Payment Gateways Supported by BigCommerce

BigCommerce has  integrated with a number of shipping providers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post and many other industry players. The BigCommerce platform also supports strategic payment gateways, where some offer BigCommerce customers extra privileges such as Paypal.

Fee and Free Trial

BigCommerce offers prospective customers an initial 30 day trail with access to all the features. The best thing is that unlike other ecommerce solutions, BigCommerce does not charge you any transaction fee. The plans are also reasonably priced.

BigCommerce, with the plethora of features it offer, is a unique ecommerce solution that allows you to conduct your business online seamlessly. In conclusion, If you are looking for long term growth and scalability then BigCommerce is the best ecommerce platform for you.

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