6 Ways BigCommerce Enhances Shopping Capabilities for Webstores

6 Ways BigCommerce Enhances Shopping Capabilities for Webstores

BigCommerce platform is one of the leading cloud based ecommerce platforms for established businesses and those with extensive growth plans in the world. As compared to on-premise softwares, It offers a cost effective and easy to use solution.

Equipped with enterprise functionality, app ecosystem, market-leading performance and an open architecture. It has been adopted by Fortune 1000 companies, Internet Retailer 1000 businesses, SMBs, mid-market businesses and leading brands and retailers across B2C and B2B categories. Some of the ways BigCommerce platform enhances shopping capabilities for ecommerce stores are discussed below:

BigCommerce Next (BCN): BCN is the thing that sets the BigCommerce platform apart from its competitors – Shopify and Volusion. The important features introduced with BCN include: integration with Google Trusted Stores, blogging structure, responsive themes, enhanced BigCommerce App store and a Traffic Engine that facilitates different marketing activities.

BigCommerce University (BCU): This is an extraordinary asset for players in the online retail market, especially the amateur ones. BCU is really useful when developing an ecommerce store for the first time. BCU is a rich resource available for all and included in the plans for free. By viewing short video tutorials, store-owners can create, learn how to gain good traffic and enhance customer loyalty.

Clear & Easy Interface: BigCommerce platform is easy to use and to user-friendly interface, one does not have to be an expert. It enables the user to manage daily tasks without much effort and the intuitive UI makes store-setup equally easy. Some of the user-friendly functions that are being offered include: ability to view complete inventory, automated returns, study bestsellers, payment gateway integration, store statistics and many others.

A Plethora of Design Templates: There are numerous themes on offer, most of them are free, whereas premium (paid) ones are also available. Users can customise these themes using CSS or HTML editors. Merchants can partner with a qualified  BigCommerce design and solution development company to get themes customised so that they are perfect fit.

Large App Store: Even though BigCommerce provides you with a wide range of tools, you have the option to buy more advanced tools by BigCommerce and third party developers. These ecommerce store tools that are available on the BigCommerce App Store can be acquired to: track advertising, improve customer service, increase marketing activity and thus, enhance your ecommerce store performance.

Moreover, there is a rapidly growing app developer community and a marketplace  where custom elements and design features can be brought to improve the ecommerce store.

Secure transactions & fast ecommerce store: Since BigCommerce platform is a hosted shopping cart, the plans come inclusive of that. So there is no need for the store-owners to acquire a separate hosting account. Moreover, the speed at which customers can browse around the BigCommerce estore, enhances customer experience, increases sales, an improved search engine ranking.

Apart from these quality features, BigCommerce has formed cross-platform partnerships with other companies to secure exclusive benefits for its merchants, listed below are some of the recent ones:

Cross-platform Partnerships

PayPal: This partnership allows merchants access to instant financing for shopping through Paypal Credit and sellers to apply for financing through Paypal Working Capital. Moreover,  merchants can use PayPal’s marketing tools to further their marketing goals.

Google: This partnership between the startup and Google, enables the merchants to advertise on Google Shopping. A tool has been developed by Google to allow seamless integration of BigCommerce stores and the Google Merchant Center.

Instagram: BigCommerce and Instagram in a joint effort have made shopping on Instagram accessible to BigCommerce stores beyond the borders of the United States. Now this facility is available to BigCommerce stores based in Australia, France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain. BigCommerce vendors now have access to the new organic features introduced to enhance their business presence by integrating seamless product discovery. According to the statics, about 60% of the 500 million daily Instagram users say they discover new products on Instagram.

BigCommerce platform is simple to use, scalable, flexible and offers unparalleled  ‘out of the box’ benefits for ecommerce store owners, making it a top choice for businesses venturing out in ecommerce.



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