5 Reasons You Should Move to BigCommerce Stencil TODAY!

5 Reasons You Should Move to BigCommerce Stencil TODAY!

BigCommerce Stencil is a new approach by BigCommerce to enhance front-end development. BigCommerce facilitates designers and merchants by offering key components such as: Stencil Framework, Theme Marketplaces, Theme Editor and Storefront. Everything is packaged, minified, and parsed into a little bundle. Where, Stencil BigCommerce offers one of the most mainstream, excellent and intense store-frontend frameworks. The framework provides numerous options to merchants looking to customize their storefront look and feel, function without having to do much coding – saving you a lot more effort and time.

Major components and features of BigCommerce Stencil:

  • Flexibility and Ease of Use

BigCommerce Stencil is exceedingly adaptable for the developers as it utilizes ‘Handlebar Theming Language’ which enables data manipulation to a level which was not possible before. Driven by JavaScript events, this gives the developers the leverage and ease to roll out improvements wherever fundamental.

The flexible and clearer development processes, with the ability to create logic within the sites allows developers to create one template to do multiple things. Prior to this to, 25 layouts had to be made to facilitate 25 unique things.

Content management is not easy and in the process, you are likely to mess with snippets, panels and HTML markup. But with Stencil BigCommerce, the sub-templates enable developers to make changes easily. Moreover, the theme comes with a translation file.

  • Local Development and Browser Sync

Earlier, making changes to a template without affecting the functionality of an active store was not possible. However with BigCommerce Stencil framework, the rapid local development feature facilitates just that and more so, it lets you redesign the store with minimal coding.

Browser Sync is perhaps the most revolutionized feature introduced by BigCommerce. Added to the template development kit, this enables real-time review of changes across various devices.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

Compared to responsive HTML, AMP on your website provides for a better mobile browsing experience. This feature, which is already added to the BigCommerce Stencil themes, makes your site faster to load faster.

  • Efficiency

The new system equipped with YAML formatting makes BigCommerce Stencil exceptionally productive than its rival. The new structure without any questions is more effective than the old system which was being utilized by BigCommerce.

  • Segmentation and Catalog Grids

Since BigCommerce Stencil framework allows you to work with multiple variations of a single theme, each of them can be optimized for a specific purpose or audience. It is helpful in discriminating stores for not only products and audiences but allows a complete revamp of the store for special events/days.

Furthermore, it also allows you to hide portions of the catalog grid without affecting the speed of the website. The Stencil BigCommerce library is built to support data manipulation, making development and management of the store more efficient.

Even though you might not find BigCommerce Stencil themes in abundance, this framework, given its revolutionary features helps lay a stronger foundation for your web store and a promising upgrade.

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