10 Shopify Apps to Boost Your Sales in 2019

10 Shopify Apps to Boost Your Sales in 2019

Utilizing Shopify apps available on the app store is recommended for anyone looking to boost their sales. You can find almost any solution on the app store but given the plethora of options: it might be tricky to navigate and test all of them.

And more than often you may not find Shopify apps offering functionalities to your website’s needs, in that case you will have to reply on a Shopify application development company. As Shopify application development experts, Folio3 can provide just the right custom Shopify apps suited for your business needs. Contact us today for your Shopify application development needs!

Given that, here is a list of tried and tested Shopify apps available on the app store that you can use to boost your sales:

Plug in SEO – make your store SEO friendly

A solid SEO strategy would enable you to position your website highly on the SERPs for relevant keywords, that will attract prospective customers to your website and facilitate their entrance into the sales funnel. SEO requires you to apply both off-page and on-page techniques and every step you take would add to your search engine presence. Most of these tasks you would ideally want to automate.

In order to check if your efforts are producing the desired results you would need Plug in SEO, one of the most effective shopify apps. This app will scan your online store for on-page SEO problems that can affect your website’s performance. It will check elements like page titles, meta descriptions, headings, site speed, content freshness and blog structure, amongst many others.

Smile.io –  For smooth creation & management of loyalty programs

Acquiring new customers is always more expensive than retaining your existing customers. Rewarding your customers is one of the best ways to turn a one-time shopper into a regular and increasing their lifetime value.

Smile.io enables you to create and manage reward programs with loyalty points, VIP tiers and customer referrals. It has the capability to integrate with not only the top ecommerce and social platforms but also helps with email marketing and other customer relationship management (CRM) service providers.

Yotpo Reviews – User generated reviews

Customers interested in buying a product are most likely to opt for it after seeing what other customers’ who previously bought it have to say about it. Reading reviews and recommendations has become a norm, especially if the product in question is of high value.

Opting for Yotpo would facilitate aggregation of your photos, Q&As, product reviews and show them on your store. Social reviews of this nature will help attract attention, build trust and increase the conversion rate.

Nosto – Improved product recommendations

Again, making the most of your existing customers should always be a priority and one way to do that is by enhancing your upselling and cross-selling efforts. Product recommendations is a good way to do that but not the best.

Using Nosto would enable you to identify your customer choices and make recommendations, complementary to what is in their carts and popular items. Added features include: personalised email delivery, Facebook Ads and behavioural pop-ups.

Mailchimp for Shopify – Simplified email list management

Once you have gathered enough email addresses, the next step would require you to run campaigns. To do that you have to rely on an email service provider, with just not a good set of features but also the capability to scale together with your business.

MailChimp is one of the widely used email management systems out there. This tool enables you to design, organise and run email marketing campaigns easily.

Socialphotos – Winning your customers’ confidence

Social networking platforms have a lot of traction and most of your customers are likely to be active social media users. Hence why it is important to capitalize on this.  A tool like Socialphotos enables you to market on platforms like Instagram, using the power of visuals. Socialphotos automatically displays all the pictures of customers who have tagged themselves using your products. Moreover, each image can be linked to your products, making more users enter your sales funnel.

OptinMonster – Lead generation made easy

OptinMonster is one of the best Shopify apps to help reduce the cart abandoned rate and boost sales. Using this app you can grow your email list by turning your abandoned visitors into subscribers.  With intelligent targeting capabilities, it can help you with Exit-Intent, Onsite Retargeting, Geo-location and other elements.

ReferralCandy – Empowered referral marketing programs

ReferralCandy is one of the best incentive based Shopify apps. It gives you the opportunity to make friends and family members of your existing customers to shop on your website by offering them incentives. You get to choose rewards for unlimited referrals.

Facebook Store – Optimizing sales

Using your Facebook page, you can display and sell products to your followers. This also allows your customers to share your products with friends, helping you reach more customers. This is a good strategy to draw more attention to your product offering and driving more traffic to your website.

Free Shipping Bar – Promote free shipping

To remind customers about your free shipping promotion, it has to be communicated to them. Free shipping bar app allows you to display your shipping offer in a slide out bar, that can also be set for each store specifically. Moreover, it also allows you to show progressive messages as customers increase items in their cart and congratulate them on free shipping.

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