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Cloud based solutions like NetSuite are rapidly becoming the norm for both SMBs and Enterprises. However, companies often find that they need to customize NetSuite with additional functionality or integrate it with other applications before they can realize its full potential. This can be a complex task that requires extensive knowledge of not only NetSuite and but other systems as well. Furthermore, integration and custom development are only one part of the story, a great user experience is also needed, to tie it all together.

As a NetSuite SDN partner, Folio3 has extensive experience in developing NetSuite based enterprise and mobile solutions for many clients; ranging from full-fledged application development to NetSuite integration and customization services. With expertise in SuiteScript, SuiteTalk as well as all leading enterprise integration methodologies, Folio3 can develop a complete NetSuite solution or integration for your business, at a surprisingly affordable cost.


Folio3 has developed a wide variety NetSuite solutions for its clients in multiple industry verticals. Our NetSuite expertise includes:

  • Using NetSuite web services (SuiteTalk) to import and export data from NetSuite as well as experience with the older smbXML method of data interchange
  • Using SuiteScript (NetSuite’s JavaScript based scripting language) to import and export data, particularly when performance is key
  • Using SuiteScript to create custom reports on NetSuite’s portals and dashboards
  • Using rich User Interface and reporting tools and platforms – such as Jasper Reports, Flex and others to create stunning custom reports based on NetSuite data.
  • NetSuite webstore development expertise – rich expertise in web services based integration, enterprise application integration and complex website design
  • NetSuite implementation services – extensive expertise in implementing NetSuite solutions (NetSuite ERP, CRM, SuiteCommerce based web stores or any combination of these)
  • Expertise in custom NetSuite mobile app development for multiple platforms
  • Extensive expertise in NetSuite-eBay integration via our proprietary BFN Certified NetSuite-eBay Connector and NetSuite-eBay Motors Connector
  • Expertise in NetSuite-Magento integration and NetSuite Salesforce Integration
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The following is a sampling of NetSuite development projects that highlight our NetSuite capabilities. See our complete NetSuite portfolio.

NetSuite based E-commerce Website

Waterbar is a webstore based e-commerce website that displays the client’s products and allows customers to place orders, both in bulk (for business buyers) as well as small quantities (for individual buyers). The site is fully integrated with NetSuite and displays the products available using real-time data from NetSuite. Developed using SuiteScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS and Advanced JavaScript.

Automated Order Processing with NetSuite Integration

An automated order processing solution which integrated the client’s Intranet based order processing website with their NetSuite account. The integrated solution facilitates the client with automated creation & updating of sales/purchase orders and customer/vehicle details into NetSuite, as well as a customized Job Scheduler, with Job Roster and Job Calendar functions. Developed using SuiteTalk, SuiteScript, .NET, C#.


NetSuite Mobile CRM Apps

As NetSuite SDN development partners, in addition to our NetSuite development services we also offer proprietary NetSuite products such as the free NetSuite CRM app “NSDroid” for Android and the “SuiteMobile” NetSuite CRM App for iOS. These apps provide sales and service professionals with real-time, secure access to NetSuite CRM data (such as leads, prospects, customers, contacts, opportunities, case details, inventory items, time tracking entries, calendar events, and pricing quotations) on their Android phones and iPhones.