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Reduce the learning curve by analyzing a consolidated view of actionable data

The technology driven process of Business intelligence is helping businesses in analyzing data and using actionable information to make informed business decisions. Because BI encompasses a wide range of tools, methodologies and applications, it enables organizations in collecting data from internal as well as external sources, assisting in creating reports and presenting that data in appealing visualizations. Today, more companies are switching to Business Intelligence dashboard solutions and data visualizations for accelerating operational efficiency and improving decision making. BI is an exciting realm to delve into because it offers businesses greater insight into consumer behavior while improving efficiency and increasing productivity through actionable data.

Folio3 Expertise with
Third Party BI Systems &

Folio3’s business intelligence dashboard solutions are ideal for companies and organizations in all industries that are seeking flexible business intelligence systems to measure metrics and critical business KPIs for best possible decision making. From business executives to data analysts, product managers, marketing managers and IT departments, everyone requires a centralized data repository which allows easy data preparation, management and visualization. At Folio3, our team of experts can customize your BI systems according to your requirements and integrate third party solutions with your company’s BI systems. Experts in our team have experience in creating dashboards for BI which offer data visualizations that permits data to be seamlessly imported into third party BI solutions and combined with data from other teams, making data easily accessible and actionable, allowing organizations to:

  • Monitor & measure performance and metrics in real-time
  • Get a consolidated view of all your organizational data
  • Increase work efficiencies and improve productivity
  • Create customizable dashboards & reports with BI
  • Gain visualization interactivity with built-in data animations

Folio3 Expertise in High Quality Dashboards for Data Visualizations

Our expertise in developing the best data visualization dashboards enables faster access to Business Intelligence, helping you measure performance and allowing you to monitor metrics in real-time. Folio3’s team of development experts will create customized business intelligence dashboard solutions that will allow your organization to go beyond their initial exploration of data, helping them discover data and visual data analytics. We have successfully built self-service business intelligence platforms for companies operating internationally, connecting them instantly to cloud services and serving them features like:

  • Pre-built connectors to dozens of leading cloud services
  • Advanced data classification with data decoder
  • Powerful drag-and-drop data visualizations
  • Easy-to-use advanced analytical capabilities
  • Smart team sharing & seamless collaboration options
  • Wide array of dashboard data export & download formats
  • Responsive mobile technology with intuitive interface

Folio3 has helped dozens of companies worldwide in gaining a comprehensive view of their business data by easily adapting systems and work flows to ensure greater impact. Our business intelligence dashboard solutions have assisted companies in aligning their business processes with their goals, while the mobile device functionality provides them with complete interactivity and reports on the go.



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