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Enterprise Cloud Computing Solutions

Leaders in providing secure and reliable cloud database solutions

Cloud computing offers enterprises the competitive advantage of breakthrough opportunities in terms of unprecedented speed and performance, with efficient capacity of handling peak app and web demands. Enterprise cloud computing not only offers an improved collaboration between business partners and consumers but is also providing a dramatic expanse cut in risk and startup expense along with a safer computing environment.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Services

More and more enterprises today are able to battle the consistent challenge of data proliferation, thanks to cloud computing. Providing the much needed solution for reliable file-sharing and cloud storage, cloud computing and storage solutions are now considered as one of the best investments any business can make. The major benefit which leads many enterprises to opt for cloud computing solutions is the massive scalability it provides for their business, helping them store large amounts of data on a remote location without any worries about server limitations or any backup loss due to a system disaster. These solutions are offering businesses the accessibility they require to manage their workload by cost effectively leveraging backup for their data.

Engineered for fast and highly scalable services, cloud computing, database and storage solutions, provided by Folio3’s highly efficient dev team, are delivering speed and simplicity to thousands of enterprises worldwide. Built with cutting-edge technology for instantaneous scalability, our cloud computing solutions are empowering businesses with reliable infrastructures, allowing them to securely manage data for their business-critical applications and tools to connect faster with their customers, partners and employees.

Cloud Services Integration Solutions

Folio3 offers cloud services integration solutions ensure scalable computation for efficient integration with business intelligence, CRM, ERP systems and identity management systems, making us the perfect partner for all types of businesses and enterprises.

Continuous Security Management for
Enterprise Solutions

At Folio3, our enterprise solutions are engineered to provide you with continuous security management by bringing together software assessment and vulnerability management technology to ultimately enhance security for enterprises worldwide and improving operational efficiency.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Services



  • Compute Nodes; EC2, etc.
  • Cloud File Storages; S3, etc.
  • Cloud Message Queues
  • Cloud Database (SQL/No-SQL) services
  • Cloud Messaging Services
  • Cloud Identity Services
  • Cloud Business Intelligence Services
  • Others

What makes us the most
Trusted Cloud Software
Solutions Provider?

At Folio3, we design and develop enterprise-proven cloud software solutions to support all proportions and scale of workload. Our cloud software solutions are highly scalable to rapidly cater to your business needs while delivering value and effectiveness. We have perfected our cloud database solutions to secure essential data for dozens of top global enterprises, offering them an infrastructure that powers up their applications and enriches customer experience. Our team of development experts ensure that every cloud database, storage and computing solution developed for you is tailored to fit your needs, offering:

  • Unmatched and highly scalable configurations
  • Easy-to-use automation features & controls
  • Multi-layered & in-depth security encryptions
  • Added on-demand capacity & scalability for enterprises
  • 100% secure database, storage & computation services
  • Cost & capability level designs for all-sized enterprises
  • Redundant storage, power & networking support

Cloud Software and Data Security

As your trusted partner, we take added care to ensure that all our design and development processes are secure, not just during the operational phases but also in the post development phase. We are choosy about where your data is put in the cloud and know what it takes to achieve the level of security it would require, which is why the convenience that our cloud software and storage solutions offer is undeniable. At Folio3, we greatly value security and our team of experts specialize in not only offering you enterprise-level transformative cloud solutions but will also execute standard invasive tests to ensure customer safety - all of which makes us hands down the best choice for your enterprise.


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