Leading Car Manufacturer

Mobile App Integration
with Samsung Smart
Things Platform

Client – Leading German Car Manufacturer

The client is a leading, German global automobile manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing luxury vehicles, buses, coaches, and trucks.


The client’s vision for the automotive industry’s future are vehicles that offer the latest communication capabilities and are intelligently connected to the Internet Of Things (IOT); serving as digital, automotive companions and not just as a means of transportation. They want to provide their customers with the highest possible levels of safety and comfort, by developing vehicles that can intelligently communicate and control smart appliances around their homes and offices, helping simplify their day to day activities. Towards that goal, the client is actively pursuing and expanding their Internet Of Things integration strategy.

As part of this initiative, they wanted to enhance their existing mobile app, by integrating it with all major home automation platforms like Apple’s HomeKit, Google’s Nest and Samsung’s SmartThings platform.

Since the client’s in house innovation teams did not have any expertise or experience working with Samsung’s SmartThings platform, the company was looking for a reliable mobility partner to help them develop this integration. Having heard great things about Folio3’s expertise in the mobility space, the client decided to partner with Folio3 for this project. The company wanted the solution to be developed fairly quickly, so they could begin its implementation with their mobile app as soon as possible.

To assist the client with this requirement, the Folio3 team designed and developed native SmartThings libraries for both iOS and Android platforms that can be integrated with the client’s existing app, and a custom integration module that enables the client’s app to communicate with the cloud based Samsung SmartThings SmartApp; both of which combined, enable customers to interact with and control SmartThings devices from the client’s app.

Both the native iOS and Android libraries and SmartThings integration module developed by Folio3, communicate directly with the SmartThings cloud without the need for any intermediary server, thereby ensuring a secure connection and data privacy. In addition to developing the native libraries and SmartThings integration module, Folio3 also recommended several changes to the current app’s architecture to the client’s team, to help make the app more scalable and robust.

Thanks to Folio3’s efforts, the client was able to develop a custom integration solution between its mobile app and the Samsung SmartThings platform well within its proscribed timeline and budget. The client’s innovation team was also impressed with the architectural recommendations suggested by Folio3 for its app, and is now actively implementing a number of those changes in their app.


The client’s app’s integration with the Samsung SmartThings platform was developed using Swift (for the iOS native library), Java (for the native Android library), and Groovy (for the SmartThings SmartApp integration module)


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